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Service Benefit Allocation Scheme 9 2019

Confirmation Letters to service Benefit Allottees have been dispatched. Membership Forms can be downloaded from the Downloads. Schedule of payments for Service Benefit Allottees would be issued once approved by GHQ. As yet members are requested to forward duly filled in Membership Form along with the original payment receipt of HBL (retain a photocopy with yourself and include an additional photocopy for DHA Quetta) to Manager Allocation (Service Benefit Section).

Membership Fees

  • Service Benefit Membership is granted at 50% of regular Membership Fee. Regular Membership fee for Commercial plot is Rs 60,000/- and that for Residential Category is Rs 30,000/-.
  • Following rules apply:
    •  Fee for Service Benefit Commercial entity is Rs. 30,000/-
    •  Fee for Service Benefit Res plot is Rs 15,000/-
    •  Service Benefit allottees of Residential plots, who are already members of Residential Category, do not require to obtain Membership again. Timely renewal of Membership within two years will, however, be a mandatory feature. Fresh application of Membership is required for renewal also to update DHA Quetta database.
    •  Service Benefit Allottees of Commercial Category already holding a Residential Membership (Non-Service Benefit / Regular Membership) are required to render an application along with their old Membership card (original) for upgrading it to Commercial (Service Benefit) category without additional charges. A fresh Membership Form is, however, required.

Change of Address

In case of change of address of service benefit allottee, please register new address by clicking here.