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Procedure for Verification of Affidavit File

  • Original Affidavit File.
  • Verification Form.
  • 1 x Seller CNIC.
  • 1x Buyer CNIC.
  • 1 x Witness CNIC.
  • Property dealer details (Name, Company Stamp) If Applicable.
  • Paid Challan of verification charges (3,000) voucher will generate in Land Directorate.
  • Filled verification form will be submitted in Land Dte.
  • Land Directorate staff will generate voucher against file number mentioned in form.
  • Paid Challan along with original affidavit file will be submitted for verification.
  • The file will be checked for necessary details and security features and stamped/signed as verified (in red colour) on reverse side by the authorized officer.
  • Serial number of verification and date will also be endorsed on the file.
  • In case, the file is found to be unverified (counterfeited/ tampered / damage beyond veracity etc.) the matter will be referred to legal Directorate in presence of the holder of the file for further disposal.
  • The process will be completed in presence of the possessor without any unnecessary delay and will not be retained by the land directorate in any case.