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Administrator's Message

Administrator DHA Quetta

Dear Members of DHA Quetta,

With immense pleasure and gratitude, I extend my warmest greetings to all as the newly appointed Administrator of Defense Housing Authority Quetta, a pivotal initiative under DHA Pakistan. Embracing this role, I am filled with a profound sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, propelling us toward a successful and prosperous future.

Over the years, Defense Housing Authority Quetta has emerged as a beacon of hope and aspiration for the people of Balochistan. Rooted in a long-awaited desire, our commitment remains unwavering. Since its inception, we have endeavored to realize the vision of a self-sustained, high-tech, and environmentally conscious housing scheme. Our focus on property investment and creating safe, thriving residential neighborhoods highlights our dedication to future development and making Quetta a safe city for all.

Success demands careful analysis and continuous adaptation. We endorse the importance of taking a balanced approach, blending optimism with realism. At DHA Quetta, our primary goal is to create a vibrant housing scheme that not only becomes a reality but also a welcoming haven. We value the importance of providing essential amenities that enhance the comfort and convenience of our residents.

Our focus is on providing continuous access to electricity, water, gas, and the internet – the essentials that define the quality of life within our community. Swift implementation of necessary infrastructure and services is our commitment to meet these fundamental needs. Moving forward, our roadmap will be shaped by your aspirations and needs. Your input and feedback are invaluable, guiding us to better comprehend the requirements of our community.

Together, let us work towards transforming DHA Quetta into a realm where dreams flourish into reality. This journey is exciting, and I am confident that, united, we will elevate DHA and contribute to property investment, ensuring safe and thriving residential neighborhoods, promoting a safe city, and fostering future development.


Brigadier Ch Azhar Munir,

Administrator, DHA Quetta