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DHA Quetta Security

Safety and security systems emplaced at DHA Quetta create an atmosphere for well-being of residents, protection of assets, social cohesion and ensuring peace of mind. DHA Quetta has arrayed plentiful initiatives to improve upon the security system.

Physical Security:

  • Our physical security mechanism includes an entire range of services to include static guards, 2 and 4 wheel mobile patrols and quick reaction force. Our security guards are highly reliable, vigil and dependable. They are well trained, equipped and proven their mettle in hard times.
  • An exhaustive list of physical security equipment adds to the security milieu which includes sophisticated hand-held scanners, walk through-gates, baggage scanners, remotely operated road-barriers, vehicle scanning mirrors, road blockers and bollards, etc. Biometrics based Access Control Systems are also available.
Administrator DHA Quetta

Access Control:

  • Access control mechanism act as a physical deterrent to unauthorized entry. It is always manned by security personnel, which regulate the flow of people and vehicles in and out of the premises.
  • DHA Quetta has also embarked upon a gigantic project of raising security wall around the complete acquired land. This creates a controlled environment where residents have confidence in the monitored access to the society, fostering a sense of exclusivity and safety.
Administrator DHA Quetta

Surveillance System:

  • A 24/7 operational CCTV control room provides consistent surveillance of all sensitive locations with real time visual information and live monitoring. The placement of these cameras is strategic, covering entry and exit points, parking lots, open spaces, common areas, and other vulnerable spots. The real-time monitoring of CCTV feeds by trained personnel ensures a swift response to any suspicious activities. Additionally, recorded footage can serve as crucial evidence in the event of security incidents, aiding in investigations and potential legal proceedings.
Administrator DHA Quetta

Lighting Arrangements:

  • A methodical and artistically designed lighting arrangements adds to the beauty of DHA Quetta as well as significantly lessens crimes and undesired activities. This forms a feeling of welcoming and secure atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.
Administrator DHA Quetta

Visitors Record:

  • For the safety and security, record books are maintained by the security staff for each visitor. These record books will keep a track of each and every one who is entering the society and are closely monitored to maintain discipline in order to avoid any mishappening.

Dealing with Security Incidents:

  • Despite preventive measures, security incidents may still occur. DHA Quetta has laid a well-defined protocols for reporting and responding to incidents. This protocol involves collaboration with local law enforcement and emergency services.


  • In conclusion, DHA Quetta has made multifaceted endeavors; a combination of physical, technological, and community-driven solutions. From the physical barriers of gated communities to the watchful eyes of surveillance systems and the active involvement of residents, each element contributes to creating a safe and secure living environment. This process is continuing for further improvements.