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DHA Quetta's vision is a flourishing community, where convenience, comfort, and safety blend seamlessly, fostering a strong sense of belonging. We aspire to create a truly livable and exceptional housing scheme, standing as a shining beacon of unparalleled excellence in Pakistan.

About DHA Quetta

Defense Housing Authority Quetta (DHA Quetta) is a dedicated and integrated community that provides a good, safe and organized living environment to all citizens of Pakistan in Balochistan. Our ambition is to be the epitome of excellence in housing projects in Pakistan with great respect for our nation's soldiers and their families. At DHA Quetta, we focus on creating a safe and balanced living environment that encourages creativity. With unwavering commitment, we aim to uplift the city of Quetta and contribute to local prosperity.


The objectives of DHA Quetta are a testament to our dedication to create a vibrant community and fulfill the aspirations of our residents. DHA Quetta aims to create a thriving neighborhood with world-class amenities, safe surroundings and excellence in healthcare, education, and entertainment. We prioritize environmentally responsible practices and sustainable infrastructure for a greener future.

Concept of DHA Quetta

DHA Quetta aims for a smart, sustainable, and prosperous city with three core principles: embracing technology, progressive urban living, eco-spaces and a smart water management system. The city offers modern amenities, vibrant social fabric and eco-spaces, promoting a peaceful environment and sustainable water use.