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Issue of Intimation Letter (IL)

  •  Filled One window form for issue of IL along with Original Affidavit file bearing details of Nominee/ purchaser in respect of whom IL is required to be issued will be submitted though customer facilitation office or directly with Land Directorate. Following documents will be attached: -
    • Filled One window form for IL/ Allocation/ Membership.
    • 1x Fresh Photograph.
    • 1 x copy of CNIC (Expiry Min one month).
    • 1 x copy of NOK CNIC.
    • Customer / LP Fill One window Form & Affidavit file.
    • In case owner is unable to come for intimation of Open Affidavit file, an Authority Letter / Power of Attorney printed on 50 Rupee stamp paper duly attested by notary public, showing that he / she wishes to authorized another person for Open Affidavit File deposit.
  •  On receipt of complete documents, Land Directorate staff will:-
    • Check for correctness and tally details (including spellings) provided on Affidavit File, One window Form and CNIC.
    • Check validity of CNIC (should be valid for at least 15 days).
    • Get the Affidavit File verified / stamped from Manager IL.
    • Issue Voucher’s to the Customer.
  • In case, the file is found to be unverified (counterfeited/ tempered/ damaged beyond veracity etc) the file will not be accepted and matter will be referred to Legal directorate in presence of the holder of the file for further disposal.
  • Manager/DD Land will sign the IL, affix Embossed Stamp and cancel the Affidavit File.
  • Original IL, along with form, photograph and CNICs of the Customer, will be forwarded to Transfer & Record Directorate.